Courtyard Gallery Artists

  • Bonnie Baker-Bacigalupo
  • Howard Brown
  • Jo Colley
  • Lou Conron
  • Karen Desimone
  • Alice Duck
  • Neil Fidler
  • Shirley Filipchuk

Consignment Artists

  • Lois McLeod
  • Sandra Ross

Featured Artist

Al Scott

Al Scott

Al Scott is our featured artist for August. Al loves making pottery both decorative and functional art. He finds the whole process of throwing, playing in the clay, and developing/making glazes energizing. Al is also a teacher and conducts classes in his studio in Vernon. He shares his process with his students and also learns from them. Each group of 5 demonstrates energy in its own way.

Al shares his belief that process is more important than the product, which is valuable in this hurry up and product oriented society. The group is valued as it provides support, constructive critique, and stimulation to enhance each person's creativity including himself. Al is sharing this show with the work of some of his students — Jen Carter, Emily Clermont, Heidi Dubland, Judi Ekkert, Dionne Kopeck, Ryan Krause, Sandra Ross. Come in soon. There is lots to see.


Al will be in the gallery August 7, 8, 10, and 21 from 1pm to 3pm

To learn more about Al click on the following links:

About Membership in Courtyard Gallery

Courtyard Gallery is accepting applications from committed artists and artisans who are interested in becoming “gallery artists”. All pieces must be the original, hand-produced work of the artists, and members are chosen for originality and diversity of their work.

In exchange for a monthly membership fee, your work will be exhibited in the gallery. We charge a small commission fee of 20% and we all work co-operatively to run the gallery.

If you are interested in being part of this not for profit, artist run gallery, please contact Diane Larsen at: or download our Application Form and return it to the gallery.