Open: Tuesday to Saturday, 10am to 4pm

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Dawn Scott’s Studio

Dawn Scott’s Studio

Serenity and shells

Wanting to make it a place that draws me in, I have surrounded myself in objects that are close to my heart; mementos, photos of family, dishes of shells from my beloved coast where I grew up, beautiful small pieces of artwork from local artists that I have purchased or been gifted, to inspire me, plants and a little heater to keep it cozy. I have baskets and drawers filled with oil, watercolour and acrylic paints that I enjoy working in but acrylic paints attract me most. Lest not forget art books to read when my creativity is low and need inspiration.

Dawn's dog. Music is my buddy, besides my dog who sprawls across the floor. Blues, classical, folk, country, world music, I like it all! When energy is low the good ol’ music of the 70’s gets me up dancing and then I’m ready to create again.

My space is tiny but I have a table for acrylics, an easel for large paintings, a small desk and I mean small, for watercolour and a lovely old secretary desk I can open when I have guests that come to paint with me.

The view from my window is a sprawling field with Mt Ida and the cliffs. It can be calming or distracting depending on horses, coyotes or eagles!

When I really need a break I walk out to my makeshift stained glass space where I play. One day, I may bring some into the gallery! In the warm weather, I sometimes take the easel outside the studio where the birds singing keep me company, along with my dog.

Everyone needs a private space they can go to renew energy, to be creative or to find calm. My studio has that for me.